Are You Scared? I Was...

The other day I had to learn a new computer program and admittedly, I was a bit nervous as I began. Not in the fact I’d suddenly and accidentally blow up the Earth by pressing the wrong button, but in the fact that learning all the options and features were a bit overwhelming at first—I mean, come on! I learned how to type in high school in a typewriting class for crying out loud! HELP!

There is no doubt the system was more advanced than my humble talents were, but again, I was required to learn it for my position. Fortunately there was a guy at my work who helped me—and is still helping me—through the learning process. But throughout the process I was impressed that my knowledge was adding to my employee worth. In other words, I was becoming a more valued asset at my work because the new skills that I was learning, despite it being somewhat difficult and that it was taking me outside of my comfort zone.

I guess to summarize (and hopefully haven’t bored anyone here) it is that as I was learning any type of new software or computer gadget, it is a bit unnerving. When someone has to learn it because their job requires them to, well there is just that much more added stress. In the end however, those valuable skills I gained are helping me.

So if you have to learn a new program or other computer skill, having someone like my friend who is patient, knowledgeable and easy to reach, makes learning something new not too bad—once you overcome the initial fears that confront everyone when it comes to that scary technology…

Go and learn!

--C. Cook

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