Out here in the West we’ve got some pretty big mountains…And so as you can imagine, the ski patrols that work up in the resorts have gotten very good at avalanche control. Often we never know how much time these people spend making it safe for the rest of us out there.

If you’ve ever seen either footage of an avalanche, or been fortunate enough to see it safely firsthand as I have, it is an awesome spectacle to behold. But every now and then—very rarely—there is an unexpected avalanche that releases on a skier or snowboarder. Unfortunately that is what happened this past weekend when despite all efforts to control and avert one, an avalanche occured within the boundary of a ski resort.

This past weekend there was a slide in an alleged area within the boundaries of Snowbird. Unfortunately a talented young woman was killed, despite a valiant and commendable attempt to save her.

Here is a link to an article of the incident: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,467146,00.html

As I read the story, it suddenly dawned on me that I guess no matter how ready and prepared we may think we are in our personal lives—or in business for that matter—there is always the unexpected. Vacations, family reunions, and even business deals can suddenly “go south” with little to no warning and can be quite literally become buried in issues and problems. We can be blindsided by just about anything in our lives that we previously thought was "safe."

So as you and your business brace for the recession, it is good to know you can surround yourself with friends, family, employees, vendors and business relationships that you know are reliable and ones you can count on. Be smart and make sure you have surrounded yourself with those people, or business entities, that willingly do everything they can possible do to help you, your family and even your company when it gets hit with something as devastating and quick-moving as an avalanche.

--C. Cook

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