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Wow, there are others out there that go through the exact same things that I go through! I always thought that my experiences were unique in the world. So what are others doing to get through the pain: food, yogurt and bananas, yoga in the winter, etc. ? I would like to know.

As business owners we are always under the crunch. Anything to make it easier would be great. I did receive an email one day after a rant that I had been on that I should just not show up for work for a couple of days so that I could cool off. Maybe doing nothing is the answer, then what would we do if all of our employees reacted in the same way?

GIve me a post if you know the answer to a prosperous existence mired down in the minutia of day to day work obstacles.

I have tried to never have just the short term goal, but maybe I don't realize that all my goals are short term because I cannot see beyond the goal itself and look at the outcome if it happens - is that the definition of short term, short sightedness?

Daniel Smith

hi there, can you be more

hi there, can you be more precise.

It seems that we fail

It seems that we fail ourselves day to day because we are unable to make the commitment to ourselves to get organized. Why is it hard to make the bold move and take the steps and organize ourselves into a productive state. What I am trying to convey are the lessons that I have learned over the last couple of years. It is not enough to just want to! One must succeed and not give up.


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