Happy New Year

So what goals are we going to set this year?

Me? Well, I’m fat—yep. Acceptance is the first step now, isn’t it? So I’m going to eat better, get outdoors and perhaps snowshoe a bit or ski in order to keep myself somewhat in shape during the winter months. Yes, need to work on that and actually keep doing it further than in April, when I suddenly give up and can be found sitting on my sofa, watching Oprah and eating Krispy Kreme donuts like they were M&Ms.

I think I’ll work on writing a book too. A kid’s book perhaps. That shouldn’t be too hard and I’ve been thinking I have wanted to do that for awhile now...

I would also like to volunteer my free time a bit more. I enjoy doing that and it seems like there are a lot of choices out there for me—or anyone else for that matter—to make a difference, no matter how small.

Here at work we are going to set goals as well. I’m sure you will see more cool, time-saving features and us continuing to provide the same excellent customer service many of you currently enjoy, and perhaps add to it in ways you never expected. Hey, despite what many claim, one can improve on perfection, right?

I guess with the New Year, comes new goals and views. What is up your sleeves for this year—Losing weight? Making new friends? Watching more Oprah?

So no matter if it is losing a few pounds off the old mid-section or accomplishing whatever it is that inspires you, all of us here at HourDoc.com hope your new year is the beginning of a wonderful and successful journey for you.

Happy New Year!

--C. Cook

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