If It Is Free, Is It For Me?

There is no other word in the English language that simultaneously catches more attention, and raises more suspicion, than the word “free.” So what is free?

…There are a lot of things that are free. Opinions are free, samples are free, demos are free, there are free test drives and sometimes even a helping hand is completely free of charge…but I guess with all the free stuff, there still is no such thing as a free lunch, right? :) So with all this free stuff, what is to be gained from it for the person who is giving it all away?


Perhaps the fact that if you try something that is free, there are odds that you may just like it, and actually want more. That is to say you’ve found something that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise, you liked it and would want more or you’ve found that it benefits you and helps you in some other way. The only investment in participating with “all things free” would be your time—not a bad deal, when one thinks about it.

I mean face it. If you could try everything free the first time, how cool would that be? You would never have buyer’s remorse or worry about the product living up to it’s hype. You would get a better feel for it before buying—what a relief that could mean, right?!

So, in this season as we walk through the malls and see all the free samples, smell the free samples at Costco, see an offer for a free test drive in a car, or enter into those contests promising us free stuff, before you walk by and pay them no attention, why not explore it a little more? After all, the only thing to loose is a small amount of your time!

What could be gained? Quite possibly, things you never dreamt of!

--C. Cook

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