If You Can’t Get A Bailout, What Can You Do?

I heard the most silly thing the other day--but first, let me set up the background as to give context to why I heard it. I think people reading this may have their business eyes opened a bit...

Yes, lately we’ve seen government bailouts to mortgage companies, banks, financial institutions and now our elected officials—in all their wisdom—are considering bailing out the Big Three automakers…but supposing you’re just a small business and can’t get a bailout? Where does that leave you and your company during these uncertain times?

Maybe the best bet is to begin looking at streamlining your company, right?

Now streamlining doesn’t necessarily mean laying off people. It could mean just making the business and some of its policies and procedures more efficient—kind of like shedding pounds before the summer. Most CEOs and presidents immediately look at production and labor, but what about other departments? The reason why some businesses don’t give closer examination into other areas perhaps comes down to the phrase that I just heard the other day, “if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it.”

What?!!…When I heard this I nearly blurted out the words; "You're not serious are you?" I was literally sitting there in stunning disbelief. There could be no worse concept to operate upon! All because it isn’t “broken” doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement!

Suppose you feel the pain of potentially having to lay off good and loyal workers? Do you want to do that, if there is another way to cut costs and keep them? So if you are a business leader—be it CEO, assistant manager, supervisor or shift leader, why not spend a few hours and really take a look at either all aspects of your company, or your respective department, and try to find the little ways to streamline?

Finding little ways to create efficiency will most assuredly add up across the board, helping save you from having to cut in other areas that will severely hamper the company’s ability to produce product once the recession ends, which it will.

Streamlining is just a thought…Or you could just go ask the government for more money but odds are, they’re not going to send help as quickly as you try and fix it yourself!

--C. Cook

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