Text Me!

Okay, so like the movie Star Wars, I grew up “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.” (Well, perhaps not the whole “galaxy” part, but a long time ago will suffice for this example…)

Texting has definitely become all the rage—especially with teenagers who use their cell phones like the communicators that Captain Kirk would use to call Scotty in the Enterprise. But back in reality, there the teenagers sit—frantically punching away at the little keypad like a cat going after a mouse in its hole.

But did you know that the same technology that creates all the annoyance which is part of being a teenager today, helps in other areas as well?

Texting messages eliminates the need of using a computer…It gives us—adults anyhow—the ability to swiftly communicate important information from anywhere the user happens to be, with cell coverage of course.

Why matter of fact, a cell phone isn’t really much of a true “phone” any longer! Think about it—your home phone can’t tell you the stock market quotes. The old cell phones can’t access the Internet and it certainly cannot play your favorite music, let alone take a photo of you and your friends! (I’d like to see a regular handset do that! lol)

So, when choosing your next cell “phone,” think about how texting can enable you to do so much more than just speak…odds are, you may be surprised at all the possibilities within your reach!

--C. Cook

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