T-minus 24, And Counting…

For those of us who are a bit trepid during the holidays to venture out into the melee that is so deftly disguised as a jolly shopping season, I thought I’d share with all of you my 24-hour countdown to Christmas Eve—which incidentally is also entitled, “D-Day At Walmart Beach” or “How I Managed To Survive Shopping.”

Technology versus Time—Our Time

Once upon a time, in order for colonists to cross from England to the United States in the late Seventeenth Century, you had to prepare yourself for about 40 days of being on a boat. Here is another one—did you know that during the heyday of Pony Express, it took only 10 days for a letter sent from St. Joseph, Missouri to reach Sacramento, California? But things have sure changed...

If It Is Free, Is It For Me?

There is no other word in the English language that simultaneously catches more attention, and raises more suspicion, than the word “free.” So what is free?

…There are a lot of things that are free. Opinions are free, samples are free, demos are free, there are free test drives and sometimes even a helping hand is completely free of charge…but I guess with all the free stuff, there still is no such thing as a free lunch, right? :) So with all this free stuff, what is to be gained from it for the person who is giving it all away?



Out here in the West we’ve got some pretty big mountains…And so as you can imagine, the ski patrols that work up in the resorts have gotten very good at avalanche control. Often we never know how much time these people spend making it safe for the rest of us out there.

Are You Scared? I Was...

The other day I had to learn a new computer program and admittedly, I was a bit nervous as I began. Not in the fact I’d suddenly and accidentally blow up the Earth by pressing the wrong button, but in the fact that learning all the options and features were a bit overwhelming at first—I mean, come on! I learned how to type in high school in a typewriting class for crying out loud! HELP!

If You Can’t Get A Bailout, What Can You Do?

I heard the most silly thing the other day--but first, let me set up the background as to give context to why I heard it. I think people reading this may have their business eyes opened a bit...

Yes, lately we’ve seen government bailouts to mortgage companies, banks, financial institutions and now our elected officials—in all their wisdom—are considering bailing out the Big Three automakers…but supposing you’re just a small business and can’t get a bailout? Where does that leave you and your company during these uncertain times?

FMLA = Funny Mammals Lying Around?

As an HR staff member or employee, when it comes to the Family Medical Leave Act, how much do you know? I mean seriously, what you don’t know in this case might hurt you…remember these new FMLA rules go into effect on January 16, 2009 and so right now everyone has less than 45 days to see if their company is in-line with these changes.

Me? I Buried What Overtime?!

Whoa! So how does a relatively small city cemetery suddenly—and allegedly—unwittingly hand out about $40,000 in overtime pay when its OT budget is only $5,000 a month?! Dude, that’s a lot of burials!!

Employee Compensation - Audio

This is an audio file on employee compensation and ethics on how much is paid to employees.

Click below to download and listen

Daniel Smith

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When Politics and Overtime Collide

I was just keeping up on my knowledge of how much an overtime lawsuit can simply crush a company, seeing as the Feds don’t take matters like that lightly, and I stumbled onto this interesting twist when it comes to companies and the issue of overtime. Here is a link to the original article: