I Feel Good!

I was on the phone the other day with a customer service rep—whose company should thank me, as they will remain anonymous to my readers here. Anyhow, I was totally shocked at how they seemed to be annoyed with my questions. This is certainly the exception, at least in my life that is…

There is always a silver lining....


There is always a silver lining. This is it: there are people out working their hardest to make a living. The basic human instinct is to survive. We are empowered with the ability make a difference every day. If we think that all is bad, then all will be bad. If we think all is well, all will be well. Lets work together. Lets be smart. Lets get ourselves thinking positively. If we can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, ours is the earth and everything that is in it.....

Daniel Smith

Justin Timberlake Allegedly Can't Count OT Correctly!

Fox News nationally had this on their little celebrity column and after seeing the subject matter, I grinned and thought I would share it with you...Perhaps Timberlake may be associated with something more than acting and singing if this lawsuit is proven.

Here it is, directly cut from the Fox News Internet page:

"Justin Timberlake spent his weekend bopping around in a leotard, but behind-the-scenes his New York Restaurant "Southern Hospitality" is facing a legal woe.

When is price the bottom line?

So when is buying the product only and all about the price?

As some of you know, I am in the process of buying a river raft—yes, those big rafts that are used for running whitewater on the rivers. I have been looking for a deal since now is the season that many outfitters are getting rid of their used rafts, and the four big raft manufacturers know that this since is the “down season” they are offering some pretty good deals if someone is interested in buying one right now while winter is upon our doorsteps.

Happy Birthday!

How many of you know that this year the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA for short, was enacted 15 years ago? If this subject is new to you or your HR staff, perhaps it would be a good idea to look further into this...

Mr. Bodine Balasco

Mr. Balasco with a valued client...the wonder cigar!

The last two days have been filled with wonder and incredible learning as we listened to one of the top speakers and entertainers in the country, Mr. Bodine Balasco. He taught us customer service principles that are tried and true. He also performed some of the most amazing slight of hand tricks that I have ever witnessed, WOW!

Customer service is about knowing your client, and that the job is not work. To work hard at a job can be the most rewarding experience when you earn that recognition by others for a job well done. Thanks Mr. Balasco, you taught us well.

Cowboys - Part Deux

The only update I have is that the cowboys got killed and the #19 jersey really is no one special, except for the guy who happens to be wearing it at the time. But the company was awesome and the conversations enjoyable. What ever happened to the Houston Oilers?


Cowboys Football Game

Today is Sunday, and I am in Texas. As is with every single person and the prairie dogs, football is the norm. I am here at a business partner's home, at their request, to engage in some Dallas Cowboys football. The hype is not to be underestimated. These people take their football seriously! And I mean seriously!!

There is a Cowboy flag outside on the house, jersey #19 hanging on the tv, not quite sure who that is but I will ask, and the salsa and chips are being served in bowls.

Stand by for updates...

Daniel Smith

The reception last night was a time to meet and greet!

Anthony greeting the attendees

People is what made the HR Southwest tradeshow a success!

The workers who make it happen

Two fine gentleman that helped install the booth and get us up and rolling.