More on overtime

I had a question about overtime come up to me today and thought I'd take a look at what the government has to say about overtime and the rules.

Lady winner number 2!

Another Winner

Winners of the IPOD Touch at the HR Southwest

Lady Winner Number 1

These fine ladies won the first two IPOD Touch at the trade show!!!!

Live from the Southwest HR Show

The trade show...live

We are live at the HR Southwest show here in Fort Worth, Texas. I made the mistake of confusing Fort Worth and Dallas - be warned, they are sensitive about that.

This trade show has about 300 exhibitors all displaying different aspects of HR. We are here to learn and tell the world what have.

More later......

Daniel Smith

A great report for SAAS oriented folks....

Each week, I receive multiple emails from the Aberdeen Group. They are a research firm based in Boston, MA. They comb the businesses of today looking for statistical evaluations and information that may help others. I find their findings bi-partisan and very thorough.

This particular link that I am listing is a site that actually takes one through the survey process and allows you to make statements that are germane to your needs; from which you will receive a report based on the findings.

Worried about abuse?

Salary abuse is something of a concern for executive management.

TV Advertisment - Overtime counseling

I am sitting at my desk working, it is 11:42 pm, and the tv switches to a commercial from the law offices of James Sokolove. In the body of the advertisement, it states if you are an employee earning less than $50,000.00, and you are salaried, then you may be entitled to overtime pay.

California Overtime

We all know that working in California presents challenges in regards to tracking employee time correctly. Well, just in case you happened to miss the changes, check out the link to new California overtime laws.


Daniel Smith

Test Test is this thing on ....?

Here goes my first blog telecommuting! Oh joy . Are you feeling it ? Well after a move of our offices, I am slowly settling in to my new digs. Kinda weird waking up and saying " I am going to work now" , then walk 10 feet and I am there. Well with Hourdoc.com, I am able to clock my time using the clock in features, right from my home! Also, I like how it seamlessly and effortlessly keeps track for me, my time working. And believe me I know how hard it is to keep focused , and also how hard it is to keep track of ones time. Let alone a whole company, which I have done.

New Overtime Laws in California

New overtime laws are coming about in California. The governor will be signing a law that will make it easier for employers to recognize the status of certain employees in regards to their exempt vs. non-exempt status.

Click on the link below to see more details on this interesting change of events


Daniel Smith