Restaurant forced to pay back pay on overtime!

Money back!

I just ran across an article this morning that disclosed some overtime issues. A company located in Salt Lake City, Utah has violated overtime pay regulations and has been ordered to pay more than $200,000.00 in back pay. I don't think anyone realizes how easy it is to overlook business rules and regulations that are passed down from government and lawmakers. It just shows that one needs to be more prudent and more aware of what is going on in the business.



Daniel Smith

Fantastic Reference for Payroll Managers

Searching through the Internet, one can find incredible resources. One link that I am going to post is www.payrolltalk.com. There are some great posts that show regard to payroll systems, payroll rules and other topics that can help any payroll manager at any level of knowledge.

Check out the great features of this website, www.payrolltalk.com

Daniel Smith

Telecommuting Staffers Requires Management

There is an increasing drive to help those employees who live far away from the work place have a better life, i.e. reduce commute times. But there are management issues that are at stake because while we are all honest folk, the temptation to play while we are at "work" is overwhelmingly powerful. Click on the link below. This talks about strict management needs and honest employees downfalls.

Life can be so much better with great access to great controls!


Dan Smith

Overtime lawsuits in the news

Being curious, today I did a search for lawsuits regarding overtime that were in the mainstream media and to be honest, I was quite shocked with how many I found. Each of these lawsuits allege that the companies were either forcing employees to work overtime, without compensating them for that time, or had somehow miscalculated the employee's time entries...

I guess the conclusion that I really came to was that by using a time and labor solution that automatically tracked overtime could come in handy when either trying to prove these claims, or defending against them.

Business Life

Wow, there are others out there that go through the exact same things that I go through! I always thought that my experiences were unique in the world. So what are others doing to get through the pain: food, yogurt and bananas, yoga in the winter, etc. ? I would like to know.

Six Degrees of Seperation

This is actually a pretty intriguing article. Just how small is the world in which we live? This little article talks about how Microsoft went through 30 billion instant messages looking for similarities. Come to find out that relevance was attributed to 6.6 people. Showing that somehow we are all within each others world. I am not sure if I want to know that many people, that is a lot of hors d'oeuvres.