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Time Tracking – As a web-based system, HourDoc.com allows employees to clock in and out online with advanced time clock technology to ensure more efficient and accurate time tracking and reporting capability.

Scheduling – HourDoc.com provides managers online visibility to examine employees’ work patterns and routines, and as a result, more strategically manage schedules and staffing issues.

Web Clock-In / Clock-Out – HourDoc.com’s advanced technology allows employees to clock in or out from any assigned computer, a specific IP-restricted site, or even from a cell phone or PDA, so your staff can work more dynamically and enjoy greater flexibility.

Day Off Request Function – HourDoc.com’s Day-Off Request function replaces error-ridden paper or verbal request processes and allows for better coordination on the part of managers.

Gross Payroll Calculation and Preparation – HourDoc.com collects time tracking data input directly from your employees, including holiday, vacation or leave time, to calculate gross payroll, significantly reducing payroll preparation time and improving payroll accuracy.

Payroll Preparation – As a fully web-based and real-time system, HourDoc.com replaces paper time sheets with electronic timesheets that minimize the need for follow up or error checking at the close of a pay period, so payroll reporting is streamlined and efficient.

Third Party Payroll System Integration – HourDoc.com can automatically integrate with your selected third party payroll system or service provider so you can export payroll data with the click of a button!

100% Web-based, Real-Time Data – HourDoc.com’s web-based time and labor tracking system provides real-time access to employee attendance, productivity, and performance information so supervisors can make intelligent, on-the-spot staffing decisions.

Job Costing – With HourDoc.com, companies can monitor the hours their employees dedicated to a particular project or job so they can better track the cost of each job and bill the time accordingly.

Time Clock Integration – HourDoc.com integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of time clocks, biometric devices, hand geometry readers, and other peripheral devices.

“Shift Swapping” Management – HourDoc.com’s online shift swapping tool allows employees to swap shifts without the pain of countless phone calls or the risk of miscommunication  – and with  the ability to approve requested shift changes and access to up-to-the-minute shift assignments, managers can be assured that shifts are appropriately covered.

PTO, Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking – HourDoc.com’s web-based time and attendance platform allows employees to submit, and managers to approve or deny, time off requests in real-time and on-demand.  With HourDoc.com, employees realize greater autonomy and accountability because they can monitor and manage their own PTO, vacation, sick, or FMLA time. 

Overtime Tracking – HourDoc.com’s intelligent technology automatically tracks overtime hours as your employees clock in and out of the system. 

Time Zone Compatibility – HourDoc.com is designed for flexibility and adaptability, so multi-site companies can manage time and attendance for their dispersed workforce no matter which time zone those employees happen to work.

Messaging – The days of missed messages are gone!  HourDoc.com’s Message Center allows managers to deliver critical information to one or to multiple employees via the system’s login interface, or even as an email or text message.  And because receipt of the message has to be acknowledged before an employee can clock in, managers have an assurance that their message will be received.

Secure Access from Anywhere, Anytime – With your authorization, employees can access HourDoc.com’s online time tracking tools through any Internet connection, on any browser, anywhere in the world!

Employee/Manager Self Service – HourDoc.com offers employees and managers a self-service capability so they can effortlessly and independently manage and maintain personal job-related tasks.

Auto-Generated Email Notification – With HourDoc.com, you can receive daily email notifications with the time and labor data you choose.  Without ever logging into HourDoc.com’s system, you can know who has clocked in or out and at what time, so you can be aware of potential overtime or scheduling issues long before they affect your company’s bottom line.

Certification/Skills Notification – Customize HourDoc.com to alert managers and employees via email of certification deadlines or pending training requirements.

Graphical Labor Analytics tools – HourDoc.com’s easy-to-read, customizable graphical real-time dashboard allows you to view time and labor trends so you can make educated, on-the-spot decisions.