HourDoc.com Helps Companies Avoid Layoffs

Houston, TX. November 25, 2008 - Many economists are beginning to state that the American economy is entering a recession. In an article found today on Fox News, the author clearly states that the U.S. economy is approaching a recession and that the GDP has shrunk by 0.5% in just three quarters. Here is a link to the article:


HourDoc.com wants American-based companies to understand that by reviewing their payroll process, and then streamlining them, executives could save money and not have to hinder their ability to produce products during this economic downturn.

“When a company saves money in one department, they do not have to make cuts in other areas which could potentially reduce their productivity,” said HourDoc.com President Dan Smith. “By using a modern time and attendance system such as HourDoc.com, we can guarantee you will see savings in the amount of time your employees and your HR staffs spend on processing payroll. It is ridiculous to think that any company should consider laying off people when all they really need to do is streamline its payroll process.”

According to reports by the American Payroll Association, companies can save tens of thousands of dollars just by using a time and attendance system rather than paper timesheets and old fashioned punch card machines. Of course the amount of savings exponentially increase the larger the company is, but especially for small and growing companies, any company using a time and labor management system can save money on the bottom line.

“We’ve had clients that are very large be completely shocked by the savings they can accrue by using the HourDoc.com system,” said Smith. “But the really cool thing is we see emerging companies realize the savings immediately once they start using HourDoc.com and it gets even better. The HourDoc.com system grows with the company and as they add employees, offering a streamlined and efficient payroll system from the very beginning.”

HourDoc.com is an easy-to-use, web-based time and labor tracking system that provides companies advanced online tools to monitor and manage their employees. HourDoc.com’s scalable time management technology is specially designed to expand to meet the unique needs of growing businesses. A proven and affordable software-as-a-service solution, HourDoc replaces tedious manual time entry and reporting processes by allowing employers to tap into real-time labor data on-demand so they can readily assess and manage work schedules, time and payroll reports, and staffing needs anytime or anywhere. For further information about the company and these statistics, visit: www.hourdoc.com.

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